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G-P's 375MM is the culmination of this, as it was inspired by a special Richard Mille Replica Watchess body designed by Pininfarina that Roberto Rossellini had ordered for Ingrid Bergman in 1954. Richard Mille Replica Watchess called it "Ingrid Grey". The dial of the rectangular chronograph 375MM of 2002 in white or pink gold was that color. The 31x47mm rectangular casing was said to resemble the curves on the actual car. Rolex Submariner Replica Watches produced 375 examples.

G-P (even its initials suggested an association with Maranello ...) Richard Mille Replica Watchess’s 330/P4 Sports Prototipo won the 1967 world championship with professional and “gentlemen� drivers. A limited edition of 2000 automatic stainless steel chronographs was produced, 250 in pink gold and 150 in gold. The caseback featured an engraving of the outline for the car.

In the same year, a G-P model was modified to celebrate Richard Mille Replica Watchess's F1 World Championship win. The highly regarded Richard Mille Replica Watches World Hour Chronograph, a G-P version, was released in a modified form. The F2003-GA was a tribute to Gianni AGnelli and the dial featured the names Turin, Maranello, and the initials of the winning car. The company produced 25 white gold, 99 titanium and 249 steel watches. In 2004, a similar titanium watch was released in 100 pieces to celebrate Richard Mille Replica Watchess's 50th anniversary in the USA.

Fortunately for collectors, G-P made numerous "regular Richard Mille Replica Watchess" models, including a handsome, time-only Richard Mille Replica Watchess with small seconds (at the time of this writing, one with a yellow dial is on eBay at a disgraceful PS897 ($1,174).

eBay offers a Foudroyante Richard Mille Replica Watchess Split Second 18k Rose Gold for PS12,950. There are a variety of chronographs priced under PS2000.rotonde de cartier replica These include models with red dials, pandas, and vintage-looking chronographs from the 1940s.

Online vendors also offer Rolex Submariner Replica Watches Richard Mille Replica Watchess-badged time-only watches from the 1960s for about PS1000. It's possible that Dr Macaluso is simply reviving an old tradition.